1 Haziran 2023

Pamukkale Hierapolis Antik Kenti-Pamukkale Hierapolis Ancient City

Hierapolis City Ruins in Pamukkale, in Turkey

Pamukkale Hierapolis Ancient City’s about 20 km north of Denizli. İf you are in Pamukkale you must frequently visit Hierapolis.Tourists and locals visit Pamukkale and Hierapolis frequently not only for its extraordinary look and its ancient history but also for wellness.

Scientifically proven to cure many diseases, the waters attract people and there are many thermal hotels in the area that serve 12 months a year.

The remains of a grand colonnaded street are parallel to the travertines for just over 1 km, extending between the necropolis to the north and a Byzantine church at the southern end.

Hierapolis’s location atop the tourist magnet that is the Pamukkale seems to have blessed it with a budget rather more ample than most Turkish archaeological sites.

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