7 Temmuz 2022

Who is Tony Montana?

Who is Tony Montana Character in Scarface?

Tony Montana character is the name of the character portrayed by world-famous actor Al Pacino in his 1983 film Scarface.

Scarface Al Pacino Tony Montana

Tony Montana characte is one of the most famous characters in the history of cinema.

In 1980, Cuban refugee and ex-convict Antonio “Tony” Montana arrives in United States.

Scarface Al Pacino

Tony Montana, a Cuban political criminal who came to the United States, lives in the mafia world.


Scarface Movie About

Directed by Brian De Palma

Produced by Martin Bregman

Screenplay by Oliver Stone


Al Pacino

Steven Bauer

Michelle Pfeiffer

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio

Robert Loggia

Al Israel

Angel Salazar

Paul Shenar

Harris Yulin

Fahrid Murray Abraham

Miriam Colon

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