7 Haziran 2023

Zeki Müren Museum in Bodrum

Zeki Müren Museum in Bodrum in Turkey, Turkie, Türkiye

Zeki Müren  was born on 6 December 1931 in Bursa Turkey. Zeki Müren died on 24 September 1996 in İzmir.

Zeki Müren  was a prominent Turkish singer, composer, and actor. He was famous for his compelling voice and precise articulation in his singing of both established Turkish classical music and contemporary songs.

The last home of Turkey’s deceased one of favorite singer is now a museum. Worshipped much like Elvis Presley, Zeki Muren was definitely a giant of the Turkish music scene.

The house of this great Turkish singer and composer is turned into great museum thanks to efforts of Ministry of Culture.

Visitors enjoy in this museum personal belongings of Zeki Muren such as his costumes, shoes that he had during his concerts and films. Countless rewards that he received in Turkey and in abroad also decorate the show cases of another room. His drawings and paintings decorate the walls of this two storied building. Museum is closed just on Monday.

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